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Environmental Engineering
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Welcome to the QUAL2K homepage

We are pleased to offer the following software packages:

QUAL2K - One-dimensional river and stream water quality model intended to represent a well-mixed channel both vertically and laterally with steady state hydraulics, non-uniform steady flow, and diel heat budget and water-quality kinetics.

LAKE2K - One-dimensional vertical model that is designed to compute seasonal trends of water quality in stratified lakes.

AT2K - One-dimensional lateral benthic algae model that computes the distribution of biomass in rivers according to temperature, attenuated light, and available nutrients.

The fortran source code can be found here for QUAL2K.

Disclaimer: The software provided on this website must be used at the user's own risk. Neither the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, TuftsUniversity, the Washington Dept. of Ecology, nor the program authors can assume responsibility for model operation, output, interpretation or usage. The creators of these programs have used their best efforts in preparing this code. They are not absolutely guaranteed to be error free. The author/programmer makes no warrantees, expressed or implied, including without limitation warrantees of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. No liability is accepted in any event for any damages, including accidental or consequential damages, lost of profits, costs of lost data or programming materials, or otherwise in connection with or arising out of the use of this program.

Note: QUAL2K is currently undergoing an EPA funded software update. We will be posting revised code and will be updating our website thereafter.


Modeling Framework for Simulating, River, Stream, and Lake Water Quality